15 People Who Just Realized They’re Dating An Idiot

“A friend sent me a photo of his new pickup and my girlfriend wants to know what the little waffle stand is doing in his trunk.”

“I asked my friend how badly her screen cracked after she dropped her phone. She sent me a screenshot of her screen.»

«I’ve heard the expression ‘push yourself into a corner’, but my wife has taken it one step further. I don’t even know what to say about it…”

«I proposed to my girlfriend this weekend and dropped my ring in a gopher hole»

“My wife tried to cook Thanksgiving dinner and nearly burned the cookbook.”

“I told my wife to set a reminder on her phone. Apparently we have different ideas about what that means.”

«How my wife handles sockets»

“My wife texted me that her car smelled like it was on fire. It turns out that she drove 30 km with a broom under the car.

«My friend’s wife doesn’t know what perspective is»

«My girlfriend uses a timer instead of an alarm to wake up»

«And I’ve been looking for the remote all evening!»

«My girlfriend made pasta last night, put it in a colander and wanted it to be warm for me…»

«This is how my girlfriend warms up a tortilla»