Beautiful in everything: according to men, this model has ideal proportions

Wow what a beauty

She is far from being skinny, and she signs her photographs in such a way that supposedly, according to the male part of the population, her forms are the ideal of female beauty. Whether this is true or not is difficult to answer, because no one among men conducted a survey, but we will show you a photo of this girl, judge for yourself.

No one will ever come to an opinion what ideal beauty is and whether it exists at all. What is good for some may be unacceptable for others. Here and under the pictures of this magnificent girl, people are divided in opinion.

“Who told you such nonsense?”, “Some kind of disproportionate”, “Too heavy bottom”, “He won’t add up prices”, “And fat women are always very confident in themselves”, “It is unlikely that all men will like such a figure”, — critics of the body positive commented.

“There should be a lot of a good person”, “But there is something to hold on to”, “Is it really natural forms, miracles!”, “She is quite attractive,” people supported the post model.