«Special effect Marilyn Monroe works»: the case when the stars were left without skirts

And today we have a curious photo selection, which we were pleased to provide windy bad weather. Celebrities who got into the frame at the moment when they were almost left without a skirt.

Z. Dridi

The fact that Zaina did not watch the weather forecast before appearing on the red carpet is understandable, her dress shattered so spectacularly that it left her practically in her underwear in front of the camera.

K. Middleton

The weather does not ask what blood you are, and treats everyone the same. So the Duchess found herself in a windy trap when she put on a too light skirt.

E. Olsen

It seems that the actress did not even think that there would be a strong wind before going out, although she was able to hold her skirt, but it doesn’t look like a shot from a Hollywood movie at all.

D. Alba

Marilyn Monroe in a modern way turned out at Jessica. All the same sunroof, wind and rising skirt… Maybe it’s time for directors to think about remake of the picture and repeat the success?

B. Prinsloo

It’s common for models to appear in public in just underwear, so when Behati was once again without a skirt, she didn’t even pay attention to it.

K. Perry

When the singer found herself in the same awkward situation from a gust of wind, she continued to calmly communicate with her fans. Everyone should be so calm.

L. Windsor

The granddaughter of Elizabeth II attracted attention right at the wedding of Princess Eugenie. As you may have guessed, her dress pulled up was discussed much more often than the wedding dress of the bride.