Size 38 breasts, fat face, 25-year-old Canadian calls herself «Saint Mary»

We bet that this article will dispel your stereotypes about such concepts as «model girl», «Saint Mary» and «priest’s daughter».

A 25-year-old resident of Canada calls herself Mary Magdalene, although her lifestyle is far from biblical canons. The girl loves various modifications, which is why she went through countless plastic surgeries and is not going to stop at all.

And this is despite the fact that after the last operation, her face began to practically meet the requirements of the model — she enlarged her upper lip so much that now her mouth does not close. Isn’t it wonderful?

In addition to plastic surgery, Maria loves tattoos, covering almost her entire body with them.

The “outstanding” achievements of the celebrity are breasts of the 38th size, rather reminiscent of huge balloons. Maria achieved this result through many operations, adding 250 ml. for each procedure. Once, because of the enormous “charms” of Magdalena, she was not even allowed on the plane.

However, the most unusual transformation of the star was the operation to enlarge the vagina. The freak diva made this part gigantic by “inflating” it with her own fat. “I was very close to death. During the operation, I received two blood transfusions — the doctor himself doubted that I would survive! And then I was sick for another week. I even thought that I was allergic to donated blood, ”recalls Maria.

Some time after the operation, the intimate place was so swollen that the enterprising girl painted pictures of them.

Read about what Mary Magdalene was like before she began endless experiments on her body in one of our next materials.

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